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While many people who have waited tables have found the job daunting, Alex Moore, this year’s winner for Best Server/Waitperson, strives to make the most out of his job every day in every way.

Growing up, Moore had a love for fashion, but he soon discovered a new passion. Beginning his journey as a waiter at The Bulldog, he worked his way up to general manager within two years. Realizing that he missed being on the floor, he stepped down from his position and began working as a server for Saltine Restaurant in June 2019. Moore says he enjoys the communicative nature of being a server, because he gets to interact with customers, which he says is beautiful.

Moore values his position as a waiter and server and prides himself on doing what he can to be mindful of those he serves. He says you never know someone’s situation, so giving customers a positive human interaction can be important.

“Treat every customer right. I know sometimes we prejudge people, but give them the same energy as you would give your mom, dad, family, friends or anybody else. Give them the same energy you wanted to be given because you never know their situations,” he says. — Kayla Sims

WINNER: Best Server/Waitperson

Address: 622 Duling Ave Ste 201, Jackson, MS 39216

Phone number: 601-982-2899

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