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Big John’s Tree Service is a family-owned tree trimming and removal company passed down from father to son. John Roland started the business, which Jacksonians voted as this year’s Best Tree Service, roughly 30 years ago, eventually passing it down to his son, Johnnie Roland. The younger Roland later changed the name of the company in honor of his father, who measured in at 6 feet, 7 inches.

Roland says the business’ ethics boils down to hard work and honesty. He credits his workers for the success receiving repeat customers and good recommendations.

“I just got an outstanding crew that just makes me look really, really, really good,” he says. “… We do what we say we’re going to do, or we bust our tails trying to do it—and if we can’t, we at least let people know why.”

Big John’s can handle tree and stump removal, tree trimming and pruning, and can also do maintenance of landscapes at parks, playgrounds and more. —Kristina Domitrovich

WINNER: Best Tree Service

Address: 1299 Liberty Rd, Natchez, MS 39120

Phone number: 601-941-7773

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