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Blake Stevens, a second-generation 
barber has had a passion for cutting hair since childhood. His grandfather started the lineage, and Stevens followed in his footsteps. He currently works at The Barbershop at Great Scott, specializing in a variety of men’s services, including hair cuts, and shaving 
and trimming.

In 2007, Stevens received a technical degree in barbering at Hinds Community College. He also served in the U.S. Marines, while cutting hair on the side. He left in 2008 to become a full-time barber.

“It’s been in the family since I was a child, so it’s all I spend my time doing, and I enjoy it,” he says. “I like to mix traditional and old-school styles together, I guess that’s what keeps me skilled and what keeps the customers coming. 
 “I focus literally all of my time in barbering, and that’s how it has been what it seems like forever.”

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WINNER: Best Barber

Address: The Barbershop at Great Scott, 4400 Old Canton Road, Suite 101, Jackson, MS 39211

Phone number: 601-984-3500

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