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Apparently, Julep bartender Brad Regan is as complicated as the drinks he makes. At first glance, you see the tattoos and rock-star hair and make an assessment: He’s sexy! But a few drinks and conversations in, and it’s clear that this guy has skills, and not just with mixed drinks. He has the ability to make regulars and newcomers feel like there’s no other bartender for them. With a mouth-watering martini list, it’s no surprise that Jacksonians have voted Regan the city’s best bartender for several years running.

For eight years of Julep’s 11-year run, Regan has been a mainstay of the restaurant’s atmosphere. At a time when bars have become a culture of their own, and mixologists are rock stars in their own right, it’s refreshing to see a bartender take such pride in his work, and be personable enough to keep customers coming back again and again. —Shameka Hayes

WINNER: Best Bartender; Sexiest Bartender

Address: Julep, 4500 I-55 N Ste 105, Jackson, MS 39211

Phone number: 601-362-1411


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