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  • SilaS


    Last year was a breakout time for Best Hip-Hop Artist winner SilaS, an unabashed anime fan. His highly acclaimed album, “The Day I Died,” earned national attention and was featured... Continue reading

  • Savvy


    Long time hip-hop artist and rapper with numerous records and accolades. Address: savvylildaddy.bandcamp.com Phone number: savvylildaddy.bandcamp.com

  • Hollywood Luck

    Hollywood Luck

    “I consider myself an artist. Even if I did country music, I just want to make good music,” Luck says. Address: http://1stupluck.bandcamp.com/ Phone number: http://1stupluck.bandcamp.com/

  • Coke Bumaye

    Coke Bumaye

    Coke’s self-proclaimed “anti-radio music” is characterized by his gruff, I-bet-he’ll-be-hoarse-after-a-song-or-two delivery style. Address: http://cokebumaye.bandcamp.com/ Phone number: http://cokebumaye.bandcamp.com/

  • Fifth Child

    Fifth Child

    Music that combines socially conscious rap with hard hitting yet soulful beats, producing sound that is inspiring and catchy. Address: http://5thchildmusic.bandcamp.com/ Phone number: http://5thchildmusic.bandcamp.com/