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  • Barry Leach – The Vamps

    Barry Leach – The Vamps

    It is fitting that Jacksonians voted The Vamps as this year’s Best Jazz Artist/Group, given that 2018 is also the ensemble’s 20th anniversary. These days, the band, which includes guitarist... Continue reading

  • Raphael Semmes

    Raphael Semmes

    Those who haven’t witnessed Semmes onstage are shortchanging their ears, but they’ll have plenty of opportunities in the coming year, as he plays with several jazz ensembles around town. Address:... Continue reading

  • Vibe Doctors

    Vibe Doctors

    The meeting of three musical minds in an effort to bring an awareness and appreciation of jazz. Address: https://www.facebook.com/Vibedoctorsjazzproject Phone number: https://www.facebook.com/Vibedoctorsjazzproject

  • Pam Confer

    Pam Confer

    A well-received and celebrated vocalist in the Jackson Metro area. Listen to her songs on “Youtube.” Address: https://www.facebook.com/pamela.confer.9 Phone number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmk6irZsrsQ

  • Jessie Primer III

    Jessie Primer III

    Jessie has performed and worked with several local and nationally known artist. Among these are: B.B. King, Bobby Jones, Willie Clayton, Cassandra Wilson,Susan Lee Price, Tonya Youngblood, Eddie Harris, RhondaRichmond... Continue reading