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  • Casey Hardigree (DJ Stache)

    Casey Hardigree (DJ Stache)

    For Casey Hardigree, known to fans as DJ Stache, karaoke is all about a love of music. He began hosting karaoke nights at Ole Tavern on George Street in 2010,... Continue reading

  • Matt Collette

    Matt Collette

    Hosts karaoke and DJs full time but at different venues almost every night. He has real love and enthusiasm for the job. Address: https://www.facebook.com/matt.collette1 Phone number: https://www.facebook.com/matt.collette1

  • Angela Pittman/Krazy Karaoke

    Angela Pittman/Krazy Karaoke

    A mainstream Karaoke artist and entertainer, known as the “Queen of Rankin County Karaoke”. Visit her at her social media page. Address: https://myspace.com/bigblackriverband Phone number: https://myspace.com/bigblackriverband

  • Cory Drake

    Cory Drake

    Well-known DJ at special events and occasions. Address: UNK Phone number: UNK