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  • Zach Lovett

    Zach Lovett

    Best Singer is a difficult category to stand out in—triply so when you are in a band with three lead vocalists. This year, voters selected Zach Lovett of Jackson country... Continue reading

  • Kerry Thomas

    Kerry Thomas

    For four years, fans of Jackson R&B artist Kerry Thomas were asking when they would get a follow-up to his successful 2012 debut, “Eye of the Storm.” “I just want... Continue reading

  • Krystal Gem

    Krystal Gem

    I’m still figuring myself out 🙂 but I think that’s alright! I’m young…I have little bit of time to get it all together. Address: https://www.facebook.com/Krys.Mitchie

  • Keontrea Thomas

    Keontrea Thomas

    Keontrea is a very inspired musician. Address: UNK Phone number: UNK

  • Chris Link

    Chris Link

    Chris Link is a local singer/songwriter/actress/model living in Brandon Mississippi. Address: http://twitter.com/chrislink0202 Phone number: http://twitter.com/chrislink0202