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Best Photographer winner Charlotte Stringer says she was dissatisfied with the children’s photography many big-box retailers offered, so when her first son was 1 year old, she decided to try her hand at it.

She began teaching herself photography through reading the camera’s manual, picking up tips and making a lot of errors, she says. After her family and friends told her how much they loved her work, she began offering her services to others. Fifteen years later, she is now the sole operator of Charlotte Stringer Photography.

“My favorite part of my job is capturing the memories and enforcing the ‘buy prints’ rule,” she says. As a newborn and wedding photographer, she says that she believes having physical prints on hand will be invaluable to her clients in the future, compared to electronic copies.

When she’s not making people smile, Stringer enjoys spending time with her family and often takes family vacations to Disney World. —Lashanda Phillips

WINNER: Best Photographer

Address: 1310 S Jackson Rd, Terry, Mississippi 39170

Phone number: 601-209-7267

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