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Chris Paige says the key to his success, beyond his barbering skills, is customer service. He wants his clients to feel like getting a haircut is like a “vacation away from work and home.” For his business practice, Paige draws a similarity between being a barber and being a bartender, in the sense that he works to make sure customers are comfortable. “When (customers) come to my barber shop, they feel comfortable and relaxed, and they get away from the stress of home or the job. They come here, and they can be themselves,” he says.

Paige has been a barber for about 20 years and has owned Custom Cuts & Styles in Jackson for nearly 10 years. Custom Cuts has been a previous winner for Best Barber Shop and is often listed as a finalist. Find the business on Facebook. — Richard Coupe

WINNER: Best Barber

Address: Custom Cuts, 2445 Terry Rd, Jackson, MS 39204

Phone number: 601-321-9292

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