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“Five, six, seven, eight.” When dancers hear these numbers, they know it is time to perform. Dollhouse Dance Factory made its mark on Aug. 23, 2010, from the heart of Jackson. Jackson native, mentor and dancer Dianna Williams’ studio had been in the limelight for some time but the studio’s team, but the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, put this dance factory on the map.

The dance troupe has gained worldwide acclaim after it was featured on Lifetime’s hit show “Bring IT!” for five consecutive years.

The Dollhouse offers a variety of classes for dancers ages 3 to 18 that cover styles such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, majorette and liturgical. To enroll as a student, one must fill out an application, with the registration process occurring once a year, so be sure to keep track of the deadline. The Dollhouse Factory has two more locations in Birmingham, Ala., and Stone Mountain, Ga. — Deja Davis

WINNER: Best Dance Studio

Address: 1410 Ellis Ave, Jackson, MS 39204

Phone number: 601-969-4000

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