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Dr. LaMonica Davis Taylor, owner of Smiles on Broadway Dental Care, was inspired to enter the dental field after a Cleveland dentist named Dr. James Taylor (no relation) fixed her teeth after she fractured them in a bike accident when she was 12.

Taylor opened her private practice in November 2014. Smiles on Broadway offers cosmetic dentistry for children and also specializes in treating adults with special needs.

“Not many patients do treat special-needs adults in part due to the difficulty and a lack of equipment for working with them,” Taylor says. The clinic also offers their caregivers information on how to manage their teeth, she says.

In addition to managing Smiles on Broadway, Taylor is an assistant clinical professor of pediatric dentistry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s School of Dentistry. She also once worked as a pediatric dentist at the Delta Health Center in Hollandale, Miss. —Dustin Cardon

WINNER: Best Dentist; Best Pediatric Dentist

Address: Smiles on Broadway Dental Care, 5442 Watkins Drive, Jackson, MS 39206

Phone number: 601-665-4996

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