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Lights of varying colors welcome guests who make their way to El Sombrero, this year’s choice for Best Mexican/Latin food. Luis Antonio Angel, born in Jalisco, Mexico, came to the United States as a resident and later gained citizenship. He opened the first of El Sombrero in Starkville 35 years ago. Since then, the business expanded to 10 locations, including its Flowood spot 15 years ago, starting in a small building. In 2016, the business moved across the street to a big house on Dogwood Boulevard so that it could hold more people.

“It was very well decorated, so I think customers were curious to look inside and came back when they noticed the excellent food and good services,” says Alvaro Macias, manager of the Flowood location. Macias says the restaurant has a family atmosphere and serves fresh margaritas as well as dishes that embody the flavors of Mexico. — Mauricio J. Quijano

WINNER: Best Mexican/Latin

Address: 5746 HWY 80 East, Pearl, MS 39208, multiple locations.

Phone number: 601-664-6764

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