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Environment Masters strives to provide hassle-free plumbing and air-conditioning, and in the view of the nearly 12,000 five-star reviewers featured on the business’ website, they certainly deliver.

Advertising over a dozen individual plumbing services, Environment Masters is a one-stop shop to help meet the plumbing needs of those in the metro area—providing everything from video pipe inspections for pinpointing the sources of pesky plumbing problems to emergency plumbing for issues too urgent to wait for an appointment.

Since the company founded in 1957, Environment Masters has since expanded, employing over 100 skilled workers and operating a fleet of 65 vehicles.

“We don’t really operate like a business; we operate like a family. That’s inspired growth and helped us retain employees,” Manager Ben Nalty, who is part of the company’s third generation of family ownership, said.

The company’s services extend beyond household problems, providing assistance to local businesses as well. Environment Masters even offers estimates for larger jobs, working to provide commercial customers with competitive prices for amenities such as water heaters and water filtration systems.

As Mississippi residents themselves, the technicians understand the importance of a functional heating and cooling system in the extreme Mississippi weather, the website says.

To keep these necessary systems running efficiently, the company has sought out environmentally friendly ways of keeping indoor temperatures at optimal levels, such as “SunSource,” a solar HVAC system noted to reduce electric costs by up to 50%. Environment Masters also aids in combating air-loss by offering services to properly seal and repair the duct systems. —Taylor McKay Hathorn

WINNER: Best Heating and AC Service; Best Plumber/Plumbing Service

Address: 168 E. Porter St., Jackson, MS 39201

Phone number: 601-519-0212

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