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We live in Mississippi, which means the summers can get really hot. Air conditioning helps reduce this misery and heating systems keep us warm in the winter months. However, those systems can sometimes have issues, and that is when you call someone such as this year’s winner for Best HVAC, Environment Masters.

Ray J. Nalty Jr. began the company in 1957 with the goal of giving Mississippians some of the best HVAC and plumbing services in the state. Ever since the current president and owner, Raymond Nalty III, has led the company since 1991, it has grown to more than 100 employees and 65 vehicles.

The business can deal with systems such as thermostats, air filtration, ductless systems, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, and has cooling and heating maintenance plans. Environment Masters can also handle commercial HVAC, plumbing and energy management systems.

For more information, visit environmentmasters.com or find the business on Facebook. —Amber Helsel

WINNER: Best Heating and AC Service

Address: 168 E. Porter St., Jackson, MS 39201

Phone number: 601-519-0212

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