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Felder Rushing, this year’s Spaciest Jacksonian winner, says that all of his personality, attitude and air serve to connect people to the plants around them, whether he is driving around in his truck with its bed overflowing with plants and soil, talking with callers during his popular statewide horticulture radio show, “The Gestalt Gardener,” or lecturing around the world.

“It’s not about gardening; it’s about people getting along, and gardening is the one thing that we all share,” Rushing says. “Plants don’t care who you voted for.”

He says he continues to live in Jackson both for the familiarity and roots he has here, but also because the community here is accepting, perhaps especially so of the more eccentric local personality.

“It’s real easy to fit in here because there are a lot of quirky people here, and quirky people are accepted,” Rushing says. “Hold your head up, warts and all. Worst thing they can do is talk about you. Little town like this, they are going to talk about you anyway.”—Tim Summers Jr.

WINNER: Spaciest Jacksonian

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