Fifth Child

For Stephen Brown, whom fans know as rapper 5th Child, winning Best Hip-Hop Artist/Group is the cap on one of the most successful years in his 15-year career.

In 2018, he chose to pull back from live shows to focus on his eighth album, “Which Way Is Up,” which then opened the door for bigger shows, including a performance with Big Freedia. It also allowed him to create music for film scores and advertisements, and lead a songwriting workshop for the Better Together Commission. He also teaches music to third- and fourth-graders in the Poindexter Park afterschool club.

For his latest Best of Jackson win to come at a time when he was doing fewer live performances, “It means people are still checking on me, basically,” he says. “That’s what’s really rewarding. … After all these years, it’s been great being able to, I guess, still be relevant when you have so many new faces.” —Micah Smith

WINNER: Best Hip-Hop Artist/Group


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