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When most people think of a music festival, the image is of an annual event that lasts for several days. Jackson doesn’t have a multi-day music festival, but we have something better: Fondren After 5.

Held on the first Thursday of every month, the street party-style event brings out the best in local bands, throwing in the occasional touring act for good measure. Take a stroll through the historic Jackson neighborhood during the event, and you’re likely to hear everything from acoustic-based singer-songwriter pop to heavy metal. There’s usually something for everyone.

Fondren After 5 is not only an excellent place for up-and-coming local bands to showcase their talents, but it’s a perfect place for networking and shopping. Local shops and organizations get to show off their wares after hours in a family-friendly environment. —Tommy Burton


WINNER: Best Music Festival

Address: FRF, 2906 North State Street Jackson, MS 39216

Phone number: 601-981-9606


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