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After changing this category from the previous Best Music Festival to Best Local Festival for the first time, Jacksonians voted for a not-at-all-unfamiliar event to take the title for 2017. Fondren’s First Thursday, formerly known as Fondren After 5, is a street festival that features music, art, food and drink vendors, and a variety of other activities each month.

FFT has become such a part of Jackson culture that people took to the Internet in shock after a Facebook post in late 2015 from organizer Ron Chane suggested that the festival might be coming to an end. In December of that year, Chane clarified that “FFT as you know it” was over, as he would be taking his hands off the reins a bit to allow for more neighborhood control.

After a year under this new management format, FFT has grown in attendance and in its offering of activities, with entertainment set up in more locations and special pop-up events often taking place at several locations across Fondren. —Micah Smith


Address: Happening monthly, fft.city

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