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Mobile food comes in many formats, from pizza delivery to Chinese takeout, but food trucks were last year’s breakout stars. Jacksonians are ready to vote for their favorite rolling eatery.

The concept evolved from the chuck wagon, which rancher Charles Goodnight invented in 1866 as a way to cook meals on long cattle drives. In recent years, food trucks became a prominent player in the American culinary scene because many experienced cooks found themselves without jobs during the recession. Food trucks are more affordable than regular restaurants, and they’re portable, which means that the cooks can bring food straight to the masses.

Now, Jacksonians can enjoy food trucks such as LurnyD’s Grille, 2 for 7 Kitchen, and one of the area’s newest food trucks, Hog Heaven of Mississippi. To keep up with food-truck news in Jackson and in the state, find Mississippi Food Truck Association on Facebook. —Amber Helsel

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