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Havard Pest Control’s Ridgeland headquarters is one of 12 offices serving Mississippi, Alabama and southern Louisiana. The company’s multiple branches and 100 employees enable them to provide 24-hour service service for both residential and commercial customers with pest problems.

Havard Pest Control’s wields multiple methods of ridding clients of these unwanted pests, large and small. To circumvent infestations entirely, the company offers preventative measures, advertising “shield treatments” for both pests and termites.

If pests are already present, Havard points to its two-step bedbug solution and its bait and liquid ministrations for termite infestations. For bigger pests, Havard has a number of humane removal options, such as live traps, glue boards and exclusion services.

Once a home or business has been rid of unwanted infestations, Havard implements regular follow-up appointments with a certified staff member who prioritizes the continued removal and prevention of pests.

For clients unsure of what kind of infestation they are experiencing, Havard provides a “Pest Library” on its website, complete with pictures and descriptions of various common household pests and suggestions for self-treatment in addition to company solutions. —Taylor McKay Hathorn

WINNER: Best Local Pest Control

Address: 100 Business Central Parkway, Suite G, Pearl, MS 39208

Phone number: 601-936-0309

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