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Dr. Justin Turner of TurnerCare believes in treating the whole person and understanding that physical and mental health go hand in hand.

“(I strive to go) to sleep knowing that that day I was able to help make patients leave the office better than how they came,” he says. “I realized that working for corporate health care wasn’t what I was suppose to do, I wanted to have individual relationships with my patients.”

Through his practice, Turner aims to creative his own path in offering health care.

“Health disparity isn’t new, but right now is the perfect time to start intentionally addressing it. … I strive to individually educate my patients so that they know the changes they can make to make a difference in their everyday lives,” he says.

Currently, Turner is on five COVID-19 task forces and explains that his decision to do so was more of a calling than simply accepting a job and that he’s excited to continue to work with others to make a difference. —Sarah Kate Pollard

WINNER: Best Doctor

Address: TurnerCare LLC, 5240 Robinson Rd, Jackson, MS 39204

Phone number: 601-398-2335

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