Mama Hamils

When my mom visited from Montana, Mama Hamil’s was one of the dining places that offered a tasteful and memorable introduction to the state. The restaurant has a down-home quality where the customer can feel a sense of warmth and comfort when stepping inside the log walls. The tables and food are laid out in a way to suggest serious eating will take place once the customers enter and take an assessment of their surroundings while figuring out which home-cooked food will be first on the plate.

The restaurant’s namesake comes from the Hamil family, who founded the establishment in 1977. Highway 51 in Madison has been the home of the restaurant since its creation, although the original spot was a small cabin with a maximum capacity of 50 people, and now the current building is situated behind that cabin.

The restaurant boasts a private event space, catering and delivery service within a 20-mile area.
The current manager, Bob Hamil, assumed management control in 1994 and inherited the recipes from his grandmother. Like many business owners and cooks, Hamil learned the labor and attention to detail that accompanies food preparation and preservation as well. He would watch his grandmother use vegetables from the garden and his grandfather butcher a hog. This early introduction to what we might now label as farm-to-table engendered a love of cooking to the young Hamil. — Mike McDonald


WINNER: Best Local Fried Chicken; Best Lunch Counter or Buffet; Best Soul Food

Address: 480 Magnolia St, Madison, Mississippi 39110

Phone number: 601-856-4407

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