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Michelle Corban, who is a server and bartender at Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano in Ridgeland, has been with the restaurant for five years. “The people here are like family now,” Corban says. “I take care of our regulars, and they take care of me. They’re what’s kept me here all this time, on top of our food. My husband, James, and I come in (every couple of weeks) for the bruschetta … and he’s also a big fan of the pizza.”

Corban says she believes her commitment to getting to know all of her customers is what got them to name her for an award.

“I’m pretty outgoing with a big personality, and the regulars love talking to me,” Corban says. “I know the menu front and back and am always there with answers, helping people who might be gluten- or cheese-intolerant and helping customers put a meal together that fits their needs and tastes great, too. Part of being a good server is being able to read people.”—Dustin Cardon

WINNER:Best Server/Waitperson

Address: Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano, 970 Highland Colony Pkwy., Jackson, MS 39167

Phone number: 601-354-6600

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