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The human brain never stops learning, and for children, it is especially vital that they begin to learn about the world from an early age. Luckily for parents and kids alike, places like the Mississippi Children’s Museum put learning in a playful context.

This year, voters selected MCM as Best Kids’ Hangout, Best Museum and Best Tourist Attraction.

The museum’s website says MCM’s mission is “to provide unparalleled experiences that ignite a thirst for discovery, knowledge and learning in all children.” Visitors can learn about a variety of topics, including the state’s geography and natural landscape, how a combustion engine works, the way that the human body operates and more, all in one location. The museum also puts a focus on literacy education, with exhibits such as the Literacy Garden and the “Wild About Reading” gallery.

In addition to its ongoing exhibits, MCM also brings in traveling attractions, including the recent “Journey to the North Pole,” and hosts special events, such as the Storytelling Festival earlier this month and the upcoming “Ignite the Night” fundraiser, where adults get to take over the museum for a night of music, dancing and drinks.

The museum also features programming such as the monthly “Question It? Discover It!” series, where kids can learn about different healthy habits through fun activities. Each month, the museum also hosts a visiting artist, including dancer Kathryn Wilson for January and writer Robert Chapman for February, to help children learn about and get involved with the arts. —Amber Helsel

WINNER: Best Kids’ Hangout; Best Museum; Best Tourist Attraction

Address: 2145 Highland Drive, Jackson, MS 39202

Phone number: 601-981-5469


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