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Both learning and playing are valuable experiences for kids, and it’s always a bonus when you can get them to learn while playing. The Mississippi Children’s Museum combines both experiences into one package.

The museum has exhibits such as the World at Work Gallery, which is the museum’s science, technology and industry gallery. It lets kids explore the careers and industries that are vital to the state’s economy such as construction, forestry and engineering; the Healthy Fun Gallery, which has areas such as one that lets visitors move a skeleton to see how bones work. The museum also puts a focus on literacy with areas such as The Literacy Garden, which is a place where children can play and learn while developing literacy and language skills, and the Wild About Reading Gallery, which includes exhibits such as a giant Scrabble board that is fun for both adults and kids. And if you’re a single adult with no child, don’t worry. While you can’t get into the museum without a child during regular days, the museum has events such as Neon Nights and Ignite the Night, where adults have the whole museum to themselves. —Amber Helsel

WINNER: Best Kids’ Hangout; Best Museum

Address: 2145 Highland Drive, Jackson, MS 39202

Phone number: 601-981-5469


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