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Life has thrown just about every obstacle at Paul Lacoste: learning disability, family tragedy, cancer and the kind of West Nile Virus that kills 93 percent of patients. However, he doesn’t let that stop him from his mission to “motivate and inspire Mississippians to live life to the fullest,” he says.

He started Fit4Change a decade ago, encouraging people to make fitness a part of their daily lives. He does this with a 12-week intense boot camp that requires participants to make a financial buy-in—an accountability check they write, but get back if they complete all 12 weeks of training. This year he takes his mission statewide with partners at Families First for Mississippi and MDHS with boot camps in central Mississippi and Pascagoula. —Dawn Dugle

Address: Post Office Box 1998, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39158

Phone number: 601-398-0950

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