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A lifelong Jackson resident whose firm has been a staple of the metro business scene since 1990, Richard Schwartz is known to many Mississippians by his popular “One Call, That’s All!” slogan. “You always want to be known as someone who’s there to help someone, so that’s why we do the advertising,” Schwartz says of his firm’s commercial campaign.

Schwartz feels that clients have ready access to the help his offices offer, as there are satellite locations in Tupelo and Hattiesburg. “Every person needs to have a local office so that they can walk into the office and do what’s necessary,” Schwartz says. “It’s very difficult, for instance, to have someone from Tupelo come to Jackson. They can’t do that easily.”

In addition to managing the largest injury law firm in the state, Schwartz extended his reach outside the walls of his firms, as he served as the assistant city prosecutor for the cities of Jackson and Ridgeland.

“I must have tried thousands of cases during my time in those positions,” Schwartz recalls. During his tenure, Schwartz helped create rehabilitation programs for those convicted of crimes like shoplifting and drunk driving. He says that his time in those courtrooms taught him that “everybody needs somebody,” an approach that he attempts to apply daily in his law practice. —Taylor McKay Hathorn

WINNER: Best Personal Injury Attorney; Best Local Law Firm

Address: 162 E Amite Street, Jackson, MS 39201

Phone number: 601-988-8888

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