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Owner Hays Thompson opened Room Service more than 35 years ago and has been successful ever since. Thompson started out by making everything by hand from scratch and only using natural ingredients, after which he then personally carried his salads and sandwiches on foot around the city. His first deliveries started with women in beauty salons, and Room Service had committed customers in no time.

Room Service has since grown into a catering service that now serves more than 35 gourmet salad choices and 38 sandwiches, all with original names like the Destin, Jamaican, Washington, Bombay, Louisianne and more. Some people can never get to all the choices because they find themselves so hooked on their favorite ones. Instead of missing out on what could be your favorite thing since sliced bread, visit to learn more about the options. Remember, Room Service delivers. — Deja Davis

WINNER: Best Sandwich Place

Address: 4659 McWillie Dr Jackson, MS 39206

Phone number: 601-362-4617

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