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Tucked into a residential strip in Jackson’s Washington Addition neighborhood, Stamps Super Burgers has been serving its award-winning burgers for over 40 years. Algernon Stamps Sr. opened the restaurant in 1970, and it continues to be family-run with sons Algernon Jr., Philippian and Timothy Stamps at the helm.

Its most popular burger is the Super Burger, also known as the Stamps Burger, which Algernon Sr. first began to sell around 1982 for $1.65. Today, at $6.45, it is still affordable. The burger consists of a 12- to 13-ounce ground beef patty, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Stamps offers turkey burgers, too, and other dishes.

Al Jr. said that his father opened the burger joint because he couldn’t find a burger in Jackson that he liked. So, he made one himself and perfected the recipe “till he got it just right.” His father was not out to simply make money, though, Al Jr. said. He wanted to feed his community. “As I see people out and about, they just tell me things about how when they were coming up and they didn’t have any money, my father would never turn anybody away. … It’s the same thing right now,” Al Jr. said. — Seyma Bayram

WINNER: Best Local Burger

Address: 1801 Dalton St, Jackson, Mississippi 39204

Phone number: 601-352-4555

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