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Left off the list but not out of our hearts is the category for the best of the noble folks that Jackson parents trust with their kids in loco parentis all year long: teachers.

Teachers are crucial players in the task of helping develop young people into well-rounded and, hopefully, well-educated individuals. How much they get paid to do it, however, is in the hands of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program and the Mississippi Legislature, from whom we can probably expect interesting legislative changes this year regarding financing Mississippi education in the aftermath of the failure of Initiative 42 to require full funding of MAEP. Whatever the Legislature decides, we do know that the role of education is priceless, and though the category isn’t present, our appreciation for those who make it possible is.—Sierra Mannie

Address: Jackson Public Schools, http://www.jackson.k12.ms.us/

Phone number: 601-362-2900

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