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The shady patch of forest near the Agricultural Museum is a good spot for the Crawdad Hole. It too feels like a slice of history, with its creaky wood and picnic seating. On the right night you can enjoy the gentle sway of the trees above the deck as you polish off a pound of crawfish or shrimp. And if the summer heat is too oppressive you can slip through the takeout line, in and out in five minutes. No one needs to know how many pounds of seafood you’re putting away. That’s between you and God.

It’s the seasoning that makes the meal, that perfect balancing act of savory heat and cajun flavor. The rest of the menu is tailored to complement the main course, from corn and potatoes to plump sausages and tamales. —Nick Judin

WINNER: Best Crawfish

Address: 1150 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216

Phone number: 601-982-9299

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