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Manager Theresa Burgardt says her number-one rule when people walk into the Green Room is safety, particularly when it comes to the well-being of women. “I always try to keep the women safe and just have a fun atmosphere. No clowning around. No fights. People get loud, they can go out. We don’t put up with nothing,” Burgardt says of the venue.

The Green Room is a sports bar and pool hall open for 20 years. Burgardt says the laid-back atmosphere and the customers have kept her around for her 11 years. The establishment is popular for its drinks, food and monthly 9-ball tournament. People from all over the southeast come to play in it. People from Texas, Alabama and Georgia come to play,” she says.

The bar’s most popular drink among male customers is the Leg Spreader, which is a combination of rums and different juices. “I want (customers) to leave with a smile on their face and to be glad for whatever money they spent, that they had a good time,” she says. — Aliyah Veal

WINNER: Best Place to Play Pool

Address: 444 Bounds St, Jackson, MS 39206

Phone number: 601-718-7665


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