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Dr. Tonyatta Hairston, owner of Envision Eye Care & Optical Boutique, knows she is practicing where she should be.

“Mississippi is my home, so I can’t imagine providing my talents anywhere else. This city and state have given me so much. It’s a true blessing being able to give back to a community that’s given to me.”

As a health-care professional, Hairston uses her business as a means of teaching clients how to manage their eyesight.

“There are certainly a lot of needs with health disparity. Diabetes is the number-one cause of losing eyesight, so being able to educate and help people and help them understand what they can do to make a change is important to me.”

After having her first eye exam at age 6, Hairston knew exactly what career path lied ahead for her. “Seeing a new patient’s expression when they get to see clearly for the first time, that’s my favorite part of the job,” she says.

“When we think about our eyesight and all it does for us, I love that I have the ability to help people experience vision as clearly and as best as possible,” she says. —Sarah Kate Pollard

WINNER: Best Optometrist/Ophthalmologist

Address: EnVision Eye Care & Optical Boutique, 1316 N. State St., Jackson MS 39202

Phone number: 601-987-3937

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