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Wyatt Waters has been a painter since his earliest childhood memories, beginning at only 2-and-a-half years old when his mother would let him splatter paint on their soon-to-be-remodeled kitchen floor. After taking a brief hiatus from painting during high school, Waters again pursued his art seriously at Mississippi College. “I went to college (so that) I could invent myself again,” Waters says. “So my sophomore year I began painting in earnest.”

After completing his master’s degree at MC, Waters worked various craft fairs and worked the Jackson area ever since and plans to continue his work while transitioning to larger studio pieces in the future. Waters says he creates his works with the goal of spurring thought from his viewers. “It’s important to encourage people to think,” he says. “My goal is to ask them to think and to feel and respond. I have faith that people will come to conclusions that are good.” — Ashley Hobson

WINNER: Best Jackson Visual Artist (Living)

Address: Wyatt Waters Gallery, 307 Jefferson St, Clinton, MS 39056

Phone number: 601-925-8115


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